The life and death of 9413 - A Hollywood extra


This famous surrealist short by Robert Florey and Slavko Vorkapich is the first of the American films to show the influence of German Expressionism and the French avant-garde films of the Twenties.

It’s a satiric fantasy about a man who wants to become a Hollywood movie star. He gets a number - 9413 - stamped on his forehead and begins his career. In spite of visions of grandeur he is a failure. He dies of starvation and ascends to heaven where an angel wipes the number from his forehead and he again becomes human. Slavko Vorkapich, later renowned for his montage work with major studios, designed the sets in the style of Caligari. Gregg Toland who would go on to photograph Citizen Kane assisted Vorkapich in shooting, and Robert Florey who wrote the screenplay for Frankenstein and directed Coconuts and Beast With Five Fingers co-directs with Vorkapich from their own screenplay. "This avant-garde experimental short was shot largely in Vorkapich's kitchen using cut-out miniatures; it is a masterpiece of low budget art and a timepiece of Hollywood cynicism." 

Auteur Robert Florey,Slavko Vorkapich
Pays Etats-Unis
Année 1928
Durée 10'
Genre Expérimental
Couleur Noir Blanc
Format 16mm
Thème Jack Stevenson's Wild Shots - A Short Loose History of Underground Cinema

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